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    BALANCE Harness
    Want a dog harness that stops the pulling and actually fits? We pulled it off.

    Check out this Handy-Dandy Sizing Chart

        Six-point adjustment for the ultimate comfort, freedom and control. The only thing worse than walking a dog that’s always pulling? Pulling on a new harness and realizing it’s never going to fit. And most don’t. That’s why we created the Balance Harness—the six-point adjustable solution that ensures your dog has the proper fit for comfort, safety and range of movement. Looking for a no-pull harness that doesn’t cause chaffing, choking, or restriction - you’ve found the one.
        Designed by dog training experts for:
        The Perfect Fit
        Six-point adjustment ensures a secure and comfortable fit. 
        Sizing Chart

        Total Range of Motion
        Delivers comfort and safety while offering the freedom to move. 

        Multiple Leash Attachments 
        Use the front and/or back rings to help manage pulling. 

        Use with Lead Multi-Use Leash
        Pairs perfectly with our double-ended training leash. 

        Buckle on Neck Loop 
        For dogs that don’t enjoy having harnesses slipped over their head.

        Easy Cleaning 
        Made of washable soft-touch nylon. 

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        5/23/2020 2:30 pm

        Will never go back to a slip over harness!

        by Sarena

        The buckle neck harness made such a difference for my rescue dog. My dog was so reluctant to have a harness slipped over his head no matter what the reward was. Having a buckle neck harness makes my life easier and my dog much happier!

        6/9/2020 9:44 am

        Changed Our Walks Forever!!!

        by Courtney C.

        I rarely write reviews, but this harness is magic. We've had SO much trouble teaching our puppy to walk nicely - especially because we live in a city with too much stimulation. We've tried everything - from high value treats to several different harnesses, and nothing worked until we tried this.

        From the very first walk she took with this harness on, she made great eye contact and the pulling reduced by about 90%. We're still in shock :)

        THANK YOU for making such an amazing product!

        6/10/2020 3:23 pm

        Great customer service

        by Kristy

        I had an older harness that had two of the buckles break out. I contacted Blue-9 to ask if I could purchase just the buckles, and yippee!!--they sent me a new updated collar in the color of my choice. It's hard to find a company that will stand by their product like this...and I was truly thankful. I'll be shopping the brand after this experience. Oh by the way, the harness works great with my dog of course. I really like the lighter sleeker design and weight than a lot of the heavy collars that have very wide straps. The ability to use duel leashes is the answer for a tough walker. Five stars.

        6/11/2020 10:33 am

        Great for even a Great Dane!

        by Shannon

        We rescued an 11 month old Great Dane and this was the harness our dog trainer recommended. At first I was skeptical as I looked at a harness as something the dog could brace against and cause more problems on a walk. This harness is not the case. It allows control of my Great Dane when she gets excited on a walk and I feel safe that I can control her to keep both her and anyone walking by, safe. She is friendly just her size intimidates many, including other dogs. Overall I have been super thrilled with this product and will definitely purchase another when I am in the market. Well made and truly a wonderful product!

        6/11/2020 8:29 pm

        Your Dog will Thank You!

        by Sandy Roth

        Secure, comfortable and lightweight this harness has all the features your dog needs from puppy to adult.

        6/19/2020 8:20 pm

        Will purchase for future my pets!

        by Maria

        *sniff* I love you guys!

        My dog doesn’t *walk me** anymore!

        I also purchased the multi-function leash! I have a bad back!
        My dog is an ACTIVE** German Shepherd/Pit** mix!
        She’s 47 pounds AND PURE MUSCLE! I'm 5' 3".

        I myself have myofascial trigger point pain syndrome (uneven back/prone to muscle knots).
        I get adjusted, my dog had knee surgery, so she gets her knee therapy too.
        I needed something to help us both out in the joint arena.

        Again, lovely product! I appreciate how it wasn’t expensive!
        It already takes a lot to care for us both! Ha!

        7/9/2020 12:30 pm

        Great for large dogs who like to pull.

        by Chris

        As soon as the harness was on, Daisy was a different dog. Daisy pulled less, but when she did, I was able to control her in a way that I could not with her regular harness. I highly recommend for strong pullers.

        8/4/2020 10:17 am

        One of the best

        by Kristyn

        This is by far one of the best front clip harnesses on the market. It is easy to adjust and its design does not impact my dog's gait, making it an excellent choice for young dogs or running partners. The only drawback is it can chafe on dogs with a thin coat of hair.

        8/4/2020 10:24 am

        A game changer

        by Janet

        I have a young lab who gets excited and pulls on walks. My husband and I love the harness because it steers my dog back to me. We use the multi function leash plus a second leash and the combination is full proof. It's durable, too. We're very satisfied!

        8/4/2020 10:33 am

        The best fitting harness!

        by Emily

        We have a deep chested golden retriever and this is the only harness we’ve found (after trying maybe 5 or 6 different brands) that has enough adjustments so it doesn’t dig into his armpits. Love that it has buckle releases on both the belly and around the neck. Makes putting it on and taking it off super easy. Highly recommend!

        8/4/2020 10:33 am

        Only harness you need

        by Brittany

        The best harness you can buy. Whether you want to use the front clip, back clip, or both, it has everything you need. The buckle on the neck strap makes taking it off super easy. So many adjustment points it will fit virtually any dog.

        8/4/2020 11:12 am

        Love this harness

        by Brenda

        This harness has been great for my American Bulldog mix. He has a very large neck and small body so finding something to fit him comfortable and keep him secure has been hard. This is fully adjustable and great for leash training!

        8/4/2020 11:14 am

        Perfect for nervous and/or weirdly shaped dogs

        by RM

        Only harness we’ll ever buy from now on-not that it seems we’ll need to buy another one for a long time. Must have bought every harness in PetCo and they all rubbed my dogs armpits raw, or she could slip out of it in a heartbeat, or they fell apart after a few months, or usually all of the above. This harness is adjustable to her weird proportions, we can make the chest strap longer so the wait strap sits farther back and doesn’t rub under her arms, she can’t get out of it because it we can put it just behind the widest part of her chest, and after a year it still looks brand new (other than some dirt).
        And then if that wasn’t enough, my dogs always been nervous having things put over her head AND having people touch her feet, and this is one of very few harnesses where you have to do neither.

        8/4/2020 11:41 am


        by Gigi

        Our puppy has a lot of anxiety issues, especially on walks and would pull like crazy to get away from anything that scared her. Switching to this harness was like magic and even the first day we used it we could see major improvements. Highly recommend!

        8/4/2020 11:58 am

        We love the Balance

        by Michael

        Fits perfectly and great control. Have used it since he was a pup on the advice of our trainer.

        8/4/2020 12:41 pm

        A well Balanced Harness puppy grows up

        by KSR

        This is our second Balance Harness purchase for our now 20 month old English Lab. Despite continued training, at about 5 months, I realized she had a BIG STRONG dog body and a puppy heart and brain. We needed more than a collar to get us through the puppy excitement phase. Trainers and the vet recommended different more well known options, but after reading the Whole Dog Journal review I picked the Balance Harness. We use the Balance Harness every time we go outside (potty time, play & water time, walks, hikes), it started to show wear... some fading, a little rusting on the D ring. But, I feel like the Balance Harness held up well to all the hours we put on it, so we got a second one. I also hand wash the harness when it gets smelly from all the activity so having second one is great. The Balance Harness has helped me feel secure while training our "want to meet everyone puppy" as she's becoming a well behaved little lady.

        8/4/2020 1:00 pm

        Top Harness

        by LC

        Love the mechanics of the harness! Plus it fits my difficult to fit dog. Thank you for making such a well thought out product.

        8/5/2020 10:17 am

        Great harness

        by M manny

        Very pleased with the harness. A few tweaks to get fit. Easy to adjust. Easy to put on. Dog seems to like. (Wasn’t sure if she would wear) The only con ....wish it had reflective strips for early morning walks. Cleans well ...just wipe.

        8/6/2020 2:43 pm

        Adjustable and durable

        by McKenna

        I purchased this for my sweet but oddly shaped Cairn Terrier. He’s the type of dog who I can’t let off leash because his prey drive is so strong. I spent a ton of time and money trying other brands sold at big box stores before I stumbled across this brand. My guy is rough and tough and needs a thicker harness than most other 20-lb dogs, so the medium size was absolutely perfect for him. I’m adopting another dog later this week and will be picking up another one of these bad boys. Seriously, it’s the perfect harness.

        8/6/2020 3:51 pm

        A GREAT Harness!

        by Carlee

        Maizy and I love the new harness. She's just 4 mos old, so she'll have to grow into it a little, but right off the bat I could see how much more comfortable she is in it. With all the adjustments, this harness should take her into full growth. She has free movement at the shoulder and no strain at the chest. She's pretty good on a leash, and I expect her to be even better as we work with the Balance. I'm so glad a trainer friend of mine recommended the product. It is well made, attractive, and is priced well. Couldn't be happier.

        8/7/2020 12:57 pm

        Custom fit

        by clydon

        Other harnesses I tried on my German Shorthaired Pointer did not fit properly, they all rubbed behind his legs. This one adjusts for a perfect fit for a dog that is long and lean with a larger chest. This harness allows me to train him to walk beside me better than the choke collar. He did not seem to mind being choked and would continue to pull, but this front clip discourages pulling more than anything else I tried.
        Fast shipping.

        8/22/2020 6:02 am

        High quality harness recommended for houdini dogs. (hard to get out of!)

        by Rebecca

        These were a replacement for a ancient slip over the head harness from blue-9. I just adjusted it & then leave it buckled and just slip it over the head. Take caution when ordering your size. The chart is missing the adjustable length of the body straps between the neck & girth. The old harness is a S but my dogs are at the outer edges of the harness. The size chart puts my dog's measurements in both the S & M harness. I decided to order M this time as I thought it was going to allow more room to adjust & also because the harness webbing is a little thicker, thus meaning less likely to dig. The harness' adjustments around the neck and girth definitely fit well but the issue for me was the adjustment of the strap between the neck & girth on the tummy. Adjusted as tight as possible means it is still a tad long for my guys. This is something you might need to take into account when selecting a size if your dogs is especially long or short in the body.

        8/30/2020 11:26 am

        Great Product

        by William

        Great Harness. Greater Customer service. Buy from them rather than from any other store.

        9/1/2020 4:29 pm

        Great Harness

        by Judith

        This has been a great choice for my Aussie from the beginning. He is not particularly fond of sticking his head through things, so the buckle neck made this very easy. He has no problem with items being buckled around his neck, like his collar. With other harness he always seemed uncomfortable. With the Balance harness, he didn't even act like he was wearing a harness during our first short walk. Customer support is terrific, answering questions, helping me get the right size first, etc.

        10/1/2020 8:18 am

        Jessie’s forever harness!

        by Courtney

        We have struggled to find our puppy, Jessie, a good front-clip harness. She’s a lab mix with short hair, so we always had fit issues with traditional harnesses. The multiple adjustment points have made fitting Jessie a breeze! So far we have taken very pleasant walks with minimal pulling.