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    BALANCE Harness
    Want a dog harness that stops the pulling and actually fits? We pulled it off.

    Check out this Handy-Dandy Sizing Chart
        Six-point adjustment for the ultimate comfort, freedom and control. The only thing worse than walking a dog that’s always pulling? Pulling on a new harness and realizing it’s never going to fit. And most don’t. That’s why we created the Balance Harness—the six-point adjustable solution that ensures your dog has the proper fit for comfort, safety and range of movement. Looking for a no-pull harness that doesn’t cause chaffing, choking, or restriction - you’ve found the one.

        Designed by dog training experts for:
        The Perfect Fit
        Six-point adjustment ensures a secure and comfortable fit. 
        Sizing Chart

        Total Range of Motion
        Delivers comfort and safety while offering the freedom to move. 

        Multiple Leash Attachments 
        Use the front and/or back rings to help manage pulling. 

        Use with Lead Multi-Use Leash
        Pairs perfectly with our double-ended training leash. 

        Buckle on Neck Loop 
        For dogs that don’t enjoy having harnesses slipped over their head.

        Easy Cleaning 
        Made of washable soft-touch nylon. 

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        93 reviews

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        12/12/2018 12:31 pm

        Amazing, well made product

        by Oli -

        His is a very sturdy and well made product and it’s clear to me that it’s going to last a lifetime. The fabric is well stitched and very solid and strong. The hardware is beautiful and also very solid and the integrity of the product as a whole is amazing. I look foreword to using my new harness for years to come 🖤

        1/3/2019 7:39 pm

        Best Fitting Harness for various shapes of dogs

        by Elizabeth T. -

        I love the Balance Harness so much that I got an updated version of it after my current one wore out a bit through two dogs and all weather conditions of wear. Sizing is accurate and works perfectly for most body types of dogs--my pups are two different sizes, and one is oddly shaped. The harness adjustments are lovely!

        1/4/2019 5:12 pm

        Great Harness

        by Tracey -

        Plus: I like that my dog's shoulder movement is completely unrestricted. It can be adjusted for a perfect fit. I have not had any issues with rubbing or sore spots. It stays in position well when the lease is attached to the back ring or both rings. It is very easy to clean when my dog gets muddy on hikes. Well made and sturdy. I like the colored top piece which makes putting it on very easy - esp. when I have to explain to somebody else e.g. pet sitter.
        Minus: I have found that if I clip her to just the front clip then the harness will slip around to the side a bit, esp. if it is not fitted tightly enough. When my puppy was smaller and lower to the ground the leash would get caught under her front leg more when clipped just at the front. Note that the colored piece is the same size on the XS and Small.
        Overall great harness that I use daily and recommend to others.

        1/5/2019 10:53 am


        by KB

        The BEST !! There is no better harness !!
        Their Customer Service is OUTSTANDING, TOO !!
        I am recommending them to everyone!!

        1/7/2019 9:37 am

        Can't get any better than this!

        by k. connolly -

        Awhile ago i had purchased the over-the-head version of this harness fr my one dog and it has been so wonderful, i kept saying that i need to get one for the other dog, but she hates having things pushed/pulled over her head, and then lo and behold, i saw that they made a buckle-neck version! its a wish come true! I have two strong-pullers and these harnesses have been back and neck savers for me - thank you!