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    BALANCE Harness
    Want a dog harness that stops the pulling and actually fits? We pulled it off.

    Check out this Handy-Dandy Sizing Chart

        Six-point adjustment for the ultimate comfort, freedom and control. The only thing worse than walking a dog that’s always pulling? Pulling on a new harness and realizing it’s never going to fit. And most don’t. That’s why we created the Balance Harness—the six-point adjustable solution that ensures your dog has the proper fit for comfort, safety and range of movement. Looking for a no-pull harness that doesn’t cause chaffing, choking, or restriction - you’ve found the one.
        Designed by dog training experts for:
        The Perfect Fit
        Six-point adjustment ensures a secure and comfortable fit. 
        Sizing Chart

        Total Range of Motion
        Delivers comfort and safety while offering the freedom to move. 

        Multiple Leash Attachments 
        Use the front and/or back rings to help manage pulling. 

        Use with Lead Multi-Use Leash
        Pairs perfectly with our double-ended training leash. 

        Buckle on Neck Loop 
        For dogs that don’t enjoy having harnesses slipped over their head.

        Easy Cleaning 
        Made of washable soft-touch nylon. 

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        81 reviews

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        10/13/2020 11:51 am

        Maggie needed this harness.

        by Jenni

        Our dog PULLED terribly on a collar. We got her this harness and it's been nothing short of a miracle. She used to just dart after things and I prayed not to get pulled down. It's been a relief for my shoulders and wrist. She always understood how to get a treat when walking but she just couldn't calm down enough to do it before. Now I bring a big bag because she is looking at me and walking next to me. I have even gotten her to trot next to a bicycle. She's a big growing girl. Part lab part coonhound. This harness is great and worth every cent.

        11/14/2020 1:59 pm


        by Jbal

        We just received our balance harness in the mail. This is actually the third balance harness I have purchased. I have them for our bigger dog and this one is for our little guy. I simply love this harness. It is nonrestrictive, light, and yet allows good control. I highly recommend. Plus I have found Blue-9 customer service to be absolutely outstanding. It is a pleasure doing business with you!

        11/21/2020 1:55 pm

        The BEST harness on the market!

        by Anita

        As a professional canine consultant, this is the ONLY harness I recommend to my clients. Not only is it designed well, it's easy to place and remove from the dog's body. The additional two attachment leash system really helps reduce pulling!

        12/7/2020 6:03 pm

        You can get the right fit for your dog!

        by Chandra

        A harness on a basenji? That is correct! On two Basenji’s! This company wants you to succeed in the fitting department. One of our Basenji’s is petite and the other one is more muscular. This harness has a couple of widths, so it could fit both. They are able to trot and gallop freely. 😃

        12/22/2020 11:49 pm

        Fits all and no chaffing!

        by A.T.

        This harness is wonderful! I've been looking for a alternative for the front connecting harness I've been using. She's a stocky build and sits between a medium and a small. All harnesses we've tried (expensive well known brands included) sit right up behind her front legs causing chaffing. It got the the point where she doesnt want to put it on. This harness solved all our problems. The fact that you can adjust every strap means that i can fit it exactly to her body shape and the back clip sits far enough back that she doesn't get her legs caught up in the lead. It took a few stops and starts on our walk to get it sitting right but it was definitely worth it.

        NOTE: Fit the harness to your dog. The instructions said the chest strap should be 2 inches behind the dogs leg but if i did that with my girl it would sit right on the widest part of her body and therefore risk slipping forward. Her chest straps sits 4 inches from her legs and it works well for her.

        12/28/2020 11:29 pm

        Why Didn’t I Buy This Sooner?!

        by M

        This is by far the BEST fitting harness I have ever used on my dog! I’ve tried countless harnesses, and it’s very difficult to fit my German Shepherd who has a big neck, deep chest, long back, and a small girth. The M/L size fits her like a glove! The adjustable top strap is a real game changer, so the harness doesn’t get pulled into her armpits like all others do. The harness itself is very well made with great stitching, high quality D-rings, and sturdy buckles. I was initially nervous about the buckle on the neck as a failure point, but the buckle is very nice, and I don’t think it will break open. I’m VERY happy with this harness, and I would gladly buy another! I’m just sad that I didn’t find this one sooner!