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12 Reviews

As of January 15th the Balance Harness Slip-Over Version is being discontinued. All sales are final. This item is not available for Returns or Exchanges.

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Want a dog harness that stops the pulling and actually fits?
We pulled it off.

Check out this Handy-Dandy Sizing Chart 

Six-point adjustment for the ultimate comfort, freedom and control.
The only thing worse than walking a dog that’s always pulling? Pulling on a new harness and realizing it’s never going to fit. And most don’t. That’s why we created the Balance Harness—the six-point adjustable solution that ensures your dog has the proper fit for comfort, safety and range of movement. Looking for a no-pull harness that doesn’t cause chaffing, choking, or restriction - you’ve found the one.



Designed by dog training experts for:
The Perfect Fit
Six-point adjustment ensures a secure and comfortable fit. 

Total Range of Motion
Delivers comfort and safety while offering the freedom to move. 

Multiple Leash Attachments
Use the front and/or back rings to help manage pulling. 

Use with Lead Multi-Use Leash
Pairs perfectly with our double-ended training leash. 

Easy Cleaning 
Made of washable soft-touch nylon. 

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Great Product: Number One in Whole Dog Journal

by -

I read about the Balance Harness in The Whole Dog Journal and bought the slip over style–it is a great product. The harness fits much better than any other harness I have tried with my dog–it is a minimal design with maximum adjustablity, made with quality materials. I totally agree with the reviewer who has stated that using the Balance Harness seems like walking the dog off leash, with the great benefit being that you get that sense of freedom in a very secure harness design. The harness "rides" easy on my dog and supports her correctly and it is my first choice when we’re on the move, especially with longer leashes. Fantastic product that puts the dog first while also providing everything the handler needs in terms of safety, positive interaction with the dog, and ease of use. The Balance Harness is way more than the sum of its parts and I appreciate the design and function more every time we roll out with it.

Perfect for our hard to fit pit mix


We have had our overhead harness now for about two weeks and love it! Our sweet little Rudy is a pit mix so finding a harness to fit her broad chest has been challenging. All of the other harnesses we had purchased would rub in her arm pits and on her shoulders which always caused an irritation. This new harness fits like a dream and so far no skin irritations. We are very pleased with our purchase!

Best harness

by -

I have tried probably 6 - 8 different harnesses. I look for security, control, comfort, no choking if he pulls. I finally found it in the Balance harness. Being able to adjust at several points makes it comfortable for him and a pleasant walk for me. I am going to get the neck clip harness because with his dimensions it is hard to remove back over his head. So think before you buy particularly if head and neck sizes are different.

A great product

by -

I read the review in Whole Dog Journal and decided to order these harnesses for my two Greyhounds. I have tried other brands, but the BALANCE HARNESS is the best fit once properly adjusted. I use the front ring, not the top ring. One of my "boys" weighs 93 pounds and is all muscle. The other weighs only 60 pounds and is muscular but very thin and narrow. I purchased the "large" for the bigger dog; the "med/large" for the smaller dog. Both dogs have adapted well to walking using these harnesses!

Energetic Lab


Our trainer recommended the Balance Harness for our energetic Lab and we love it. We've been using it for several months and now it's the only way we walk him. He's also beginning work as a therapy dog and we tested with this harness and are using it when he's working. Well made and offers good control while being kind to the dog.

Awesome Harness


I recently purchased the balance harness to use on my 60 lb English Setter rescue when we wanted to go for walks and not necessarily train. At this point it is mostly a management tool and it works great. We use in combination with the Blue-9 Multi-function leash and generally clip to both the front and back of the harness. It works perfectly and even with his strength, he cannot pull me around anymore when he decides to have his moments of craziness! I also feel good about the fact that it isn't restrictive to his movements and was very pleased with all of the points of adjustment. We had previously tried a few other harnesses, but with his really deep but narrow chest, they didn't fit right and slid around quite a bit. Definitely a high quality product that I would recommend!

Never will I ever buy another brand of harness!


I have spent to much money to mention on harnesses over the years trying to to find one that fit my border collie blue heeler mix. Sadly he’s 5 and I just discovered this harness through a trainer I know! You guys, this harness is a life changer/saver! It is now my go to harness for everything.. car rides, walks, hikes, in the yard to play, dog park, pet sores... I love it so much! I recently rescued a beagle and ordered one for him as well, perfect fit! I cannot say enough good things about this harness.. if your thinking of ordering, DO IT!!

Outstanding harness; outstanding customer service! Would buy again


Bought a Balance Harness (slip over) for my mini goldendoodle and it fits great. I love how adjustable it is; really easy to customize the harness so that it fits my dog perfectly. The different clips make it easy to keep him from pulling too.
<br>A quick note on customer service: I had originally ordered the Balance Harness (buckle neck), in the appropriate size. However, the buckle prevented me from tightening the one side as far as I needed to. I contacted Customer Service and they let me exchange for the slip over version. Very fast; very easy! Thanks so much!

Houdini no more!


We thought about changing our dog’s name to Houdini but now we don’t worry about him escaping out of his harness anymore! He’s a reactive fellow and easily panics with loud sounds or unexpected events. Thanks to this harness, he feels more secure and his confidence has skyrocketed ~ walking has become a pleasure!! Thank you!!

Great fit!


My dog and I love this harness! It allows for adjustments in all the right places... especially the strap from the neck to chest! Sadie is a Australian Cattle Dog x Rottweiler mix and other harnesses have not fit her comfortably. I can tell she loves it! No hesitation when it time to 'suit up' for our walks.

The best harness out there


The balance harness slip over is my favorite harness out there. My 75 lb dog and my 15 lb dog both have one. It keeps the pressure off of their necks and doesn't restrict normal front leg and shoulder movement. I prefer the slip over because it's less hardware. My small dog has thin skin and is very sensitive. The extra buckle would rub on him, so I ordered the slip over and it's perfect. I always help my dogs to enjoy "getting dressed" so they come to me by choice and put their heads through instead of my putting the harness on them so we prevent head shy issues. They love getting dressed!

Great harness


We tried several different brand harnesses before purchasing the Blue-9 Balance harness and we are very happy. It's the only harness we have tried that doesn't rub or slip off and it's still going strong after several years.