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Blue ML Balance Harness Loose Leash Walking Kit

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Balance Harness Loose Leash Walking Kit

Measure twice, purchase once. Find our sizing chart here. 

Want the walk of your dreams? Get our #1 Rated No-Pull Harness, the Balance Harness and our 4ft Training Leash in this all-in-one kit!

Perfect Fit: Our Balance Harness offers six-points of adjustment which means it’s designed to comfortably and securely fit dogs of all sizes and breeds. We encourage you to refer to our size chart to find your dog’s perfect fit.

No Restrictions: Our harness is designed to safely allow your dog to have full range of motion. It will not cause choking, chafing, or restrict their mobility. The Y-neck design fits like a necklace and doesn’t rub over their shoulders.

Great Control: Our 4ft training leash is perfect to use with our Balance Harness. It’s a great for keeping your dog close while teaching loose leash walking or for controlled navigation in more crowded areas.

Extra Feature: The Training Leash features an added D-Ring which comes in handy during longer walks. It’s perfect to hang your bag dispenser, keys, collapsible water bowl, or any other small item you don’t feel like carrying.   

Passionate Perfectionists: We develop premium solution-based products to promote and strengthen the human-canine bond. We stand behind our products that are proudly made in the USA.
Blue ML Balance Harness Loose Leash Walking Kit

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6/26/2021 4:55 pm

I should have read the leash description before ordering.

by Debbie

When I ordered the loose leash walking kit, I thought I was getting the Multi function leash with two snaps on both ends of the leash. I was disappointed when I saw a 4 foot leash with a D ring. I searched all over looking and hoping there was a video that showed what this D ring was for. I wrote Blue 9 asking for help and was directed to the videos I already watched which showed the Multi function leash with 2 snaps. So I went back to the order description and saw the D ring was just to carry "stuff". Wow, what a disappointment! I love everything else I ordered from Blue 9 , Treats, treat bag, a Klimb and 2 propels and the balance harness! I highly recommend these items. So in short. If you plan on ordering the loose leash walking kit .... you will get the most awesome harness and a leash with with a D ring to carry "stuff" not the cool multi function leash.