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Introducing Your Dog To The KLIMB
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Introducing Your Dog to The KLIMB
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Platform dog training is the key to impulse control and focus for dogs.

Whether you call them platforms, place or pedestals, a small, elevated surface provides an easy way to train animals of all kinds. (Think about traditional lion tamers: remember the pedestals used to position the big cats around the ring?) Platforms are an important training tool because they demand a fair amount of focus on the part of the animal. The platforms are deliberately crafted to be just large enough for the animal to comfortably occupy the space. To remain comfortably perched on their platform, your dog must have “quiet feet,” and quiet feet are a sure indication of a focused mind. All effective dog training requires gaining the animal’s undivided attention and maintaining that focus on the handler until the dog is formally “released.”

We received input from professional dog trainers throughout the US on their wants and needs in platform dog training. The KLIMB™ was designed to meet their exacting specifications for a platform that was stable and durable, yet lightweight, easy to transport and completely washable. It is both dog and consumer friendly, without any sharp edges, fully molded from materials that are comfortable and non-threatening. The resulting platform provides true impulse control: inviting and making dogs feel secure on a perch that very quickly becomes “their own.”

Once a dog is successfully trained to “KLIMB” and stay at rest on the platform, they will be perfectly content to stay calmly in position until they receive the “release” command, oblivious to all distractions, without any form of physical restraint.

Proudly, American-Made

Blue-9 KLIMB™ was designed and is being manufactured entirely in the United States. We’re keeping production close to home because it’s important to the entire Blue-9 team that we maintain the highest quality control standards for the KLIMB. Keeping jobs close to home is also important to us, and keeping production in the Midwest allows us to provide a living for our team as well as some of our friends and neighbors.