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LEAD Multi-Use Dog Leash

Looking for a double attachment leash that does it all? Let us walk you through it.

Shorten it, lengthen it, loop it or double clip with a harness.

It’s made of nylon like many leashes, but the similarities end there. This multi-function dog leash is the jackknife of leashes with six-in-one functionality. With two clips and multiple attachment points, it can be used as a 3.5 foot leash, regular six-foot lead or double clipped attachment for our Balance Harness. You can even loop it over your shoulder as a secure hands-free leash.

Available in two webbing widths. 
Small/Medium: 5/8ths inch webbing

Medium/Large: 1 inch webbing

    Designed by dog training experts for:

    Simple Length Adjustment

    Quickly converts from a 6 foot to 3.5 foot leash. 

    Hands-Free Use

    Unique attachments allow it to be worn over-the-shoulder.

    Use with Balance Harness 

    Pairs perfectly with our highly adjustable dog training harness. 

    No-Pull Solution 

    Attach to both leash attachment points on our Balance Harness for ultimate control

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    11/27/2018 11:05 am

    Most Versatile Leash

    by Kim S -

    This leash is the best! I love its versatility- can be a long leash in quiet settings then double up to a shorter leash when you come to congested areas. I use the clips to tether my dog to a pole while I go into my backpack to get her bowl and pour her a drink on our longer walks in the park. It’s also quite handy to loop it across my shoulder for a hands free walk in the farmer’s market. I know she is close, but my hands are free to purchase and carry produce. Another benefit is that if you use a head harness, you can clip one end of the leash to the head harness and the other end to her Blue-9 harness or collar for extra security. I also LOVE that it perfectly matches her harness. I have the purple harness and leash and it looks lovely on my now 2 year old golden retriever, Callie. We get lots of compliments on it. :) Both harness and leash also wash up beautifully in the washing machine.

    11/27/2018 11:06 am

    Great leash, affordable price

    by Celine Y. -

    I am so pleased that Blue-9 is now offering this dual-ended leash to go along with the balance harness. These leashes are simple and functional without an enormous price tag. I’ve looked into many multi-function leashes, and they’re hard to find under $40. If your waist is fairly small, there’s actually another way you can use this leash. I’m able to use it around my waist (about 27") as well as across my torso. You just have to switch which bolt snap is attached to the dog’s harness.

    12/12/2018 12:34 pm

    Well made and useful

    by Oli -

    This is a clearly well made and well thought out leash. Just like the harness, the leash is very solid and sturdy and so is the hardware. The different options for lengths makes this a great training leash and I will definitely be using this for many training sessions. The fabric is soft, yet very strong and durable. Thanks for this great product 🖤

    1/5/2019 7:20 am


    by MarthaJane

    This leash provides lots of flexibility when training and walking a pup. Well made.

    9/14/2019 3:20 pm

    Leash length.

    by Beth

    The leash came fast and is great quality. I ordered two 6 foot leashes, which, because I'm tall with small dogs, is not really long enough. My fault. But keep that in mind when ordering.