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  • “As a dog trainer, I have used MANY different styles of no pull equipment through the years. Currently the Balance Harness ranks as one of my favorites. I personally like how the harness fits a dog, many competitors no pull harnesses cause chafing under the arms & sometimes on the chest of dogs. Some dogs can also slip out of the other harnesses as well because it sits so high on their bodies, causing a clear safety concern. I have not seen this with the Balance Harness. In fact, you can adjust the entire harness to specifically & comfortably fit your individual dog. That means that they are comfortable & unrestricted in the harness. More comfort, less stress for your pet. I have actually witnessed my own dog flee from particular no pull tools (poor guy gets to be the tester for everything!), which clearly tells me that he is in discomfort while wearing competitor’s harnesses. The Balance Harness provides a perfect fit, he happily lets me put it on & he is able to enjoy his walks. Great product!”

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    • Sabrina Jones
    • KPA, CTP
  • “The Balance Harness is my favorite way to attach a leash to a dog. Over 20 years of training dogs and coaching clients, my preference has evolved from head halters to front-attachment harnesses to near universal use of the Balance Harness. It’s not only super-comfortable for all shapes and sizes of dogs, it’s ideal for helping people walk comfortably and safely with their four-legged friends. When I first saw the Balance Harness, I was skeptical that it would give me enough leverage and control. But after extensive trials using it with my own dogs, I now can’t imagine not having a Balance Harness on the hook next to my dog Smudge’s leash and many more Balance Harnesses in my gear bag, ready to fit onto my clients’ dogs.”

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  • I am a waterfowl hunter and the find the KLIMB to be an ideal training platform for my dog. Hunting marshes requires that the dog be comfortable sitting still on a stand above the water. The KLIMB is ideal for working with your dog for this application at home prior to hunting in unpredictable conditions.

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    • Adam S. - Oregon
  • I absolutely LOVE The KLIMB! When I bring out The KLIMB, Brady (my pup) knows its time to train. I would recommend this product to anyone who is interested in training their dogs.

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    • Mathew M.
  • “The KLIMB™ is the first dog training table designed by a trainer and engineered for real world use. It’s safe, light, waterproof and dogs love it!”

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    • Chris G.

The KLIMB Dog Training Platform

The KLIMB gives a dog a place they learn is their very own

The KLIMB Dog Training Platform

Many training methods used by professionals often involve a dog training platform or “Pause” table. The problem with most dog training platforms is that they tend to be heavy to accommodate larger breeds, they have a number of parts and require time consuming assembly or they’re difficult to clean and cumbersome to transport. The Blue-9 KLIMB™ features a molded, one-piece top with a fully washable surface. The KLIMB is strong enough to securely hold any size dog, yet weighs less than 14 pounds!

While the KLIMB is designed as a training tool for everything from basic dog obedience to freestyle training, professional trainers and groomers love the fact that it is expandable (units interlock to form whatever platform size is needed), stackable (when assembled AND for compact storage) and fully self-contained. That’s right! The legs are easily removed and lock into place flush with the KLIMB’s bottom surface. When it’s time to clean up, the KLIMB is waterproof and washes clean with any pet-safe cleaner. That makes it great for grooming too!

The KLIMB dog training platform gives a dog a place that they learn is their very own. A place where they feel focused and close to their owner or handler. A place they associate with reward and success.

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