Balance Harness® Buckle-Neck

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    • Fits any shape of dog (sizing chart) by having a unique design that allows you to adjust every strap.
    • Buckle on neck strap makes it easy to fit onto your dog.
    • Allows for comfort and total freedom of movement with soft and sturdy webbing with a variety of colors to choose from.
    • Offers flexible leash attachments using front and back rings or just one ring
    • Check out the Multi-Function Leash here.

    Balance Harness® – Buckle Neck

    The Balance Harness® has 6 adjustment points offering a customized fit for comfort, complete freedom of movement, and flexible leash attachment options. Its unique design offers you the flexibility of multiple adjustment points to ensure that your dog has a properly fitting harness to ensure comfort, proper movement, and safety.  The Original version slips over your dog’s head and then connects around the body.  If your dog does not like collars or leads slipped over their head, we also make a buckle-neck version. For dogs that do not like to have things slipped over their heads, or for dogs that have larger heads than necks, the Buckle-Neck version may work better. Another Blue-9 product proudly manufactured in the USA.



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I am so pleased with the Balance Harness.... a GREAT harness at a very fair price. Well made and it works. Love the front and back attachment for all round safety and control.... even big dogs.

Great for professional trainers

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As a Certified Professional Dog Trainer it is very important to me to use the best training tool possible, not just to help owners with their dogs, but to make sure that the dogs feel comfortable in their equipment. Balance Harness gives me that! It is perfect on all breed, even on the stronger ones, from American Staffordshire Terriers to German Shepherds, or like little ones, from Poodles to Spaniels. My Black Lab mix really enjoys her, too and I can give the leash to my 10 years old to walk her anytime when we are out. Thank you for that great product!

Fits great, no restriction of movement

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This is the best fitting, most perfectly designed harness on the market for walking dogs on leash. It is sturdy and with all of the adjustment points, it fits all body types. My dogs act and move as if they are off leash as we walk, freely and comfortably.

I love the Balance Harness!


I love the Balance Harness! Our male lab (now just turned 1 and weighs 100 lbs) is SO much easier to walk with this on vs the other harnesses that we had tried. Plus, this harness was one of the TOP ones recommended in the Your Dog magazine by Tufts with re: the features and how/where it fit on your dog for their comfort and for max control. I walk 2 miles every other day with Dougie and it is now enjoyable and less stressful when we encounter other dogs and people (who he HAS to say hello to). Thanks for an awesome product.

Great Adjustability and Dual Attachment Points

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We love our new harness! Having a Smooth Fox Terrier body it was difficult to find a harness that fit Mathew. This one gave me the ability to adjust it to fit and with the two places to hook him up, we can walk easier and the hook on the top gave me the ability to hook him into his car seat without removing the leash. Bravo for a great product!

BY FAR the best harness I've ever used!

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This is, BY FAR, the best harness I have ever used on Maz, my 5 month old Rottweiler. I can adjust this harness to fit every inch of her body. I have had 4 back surgeries and this harness has made a huge difference in my ability to take her everywhere! Love it so much my husband asked me to buy one for our 100lb Lab!!

Well Made and Doesn't Rub Behind the Elbows


Searched everywhere for a harness that had a front pull clip and did not catch my dog behind the elbows. This Balance Harness is the only one that fits him perfectly. Well made and adjustable.

Love the Custom Fit

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I use the balance harness daily for my two dogs. I love that each strap is adjustable so I don’t have to compromise for a perfect fit. The girth strap rests a few inches behind the front elbows so there’s no underarm chafing. I also appreciate the front D-ring which gives me the option to use a double-ended leash for added control. Just wish it came in more colors!

Fits my big-chested skinny goofball of a dog

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Only harness I feel comfortable leaving on my dogs as we hike. I don’t have to worry about it rubbing their armpits or getting in the way of their shoulders as they run.
<br>I love how adjustable it is. The only harness that fits my big chested-skinny goofball of a dog. :)

Great for use in shelters or with newly adopted dogs

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I ordered two balance harnesses to try at the humane society where I volunteer at and walk the dogs. I ordered a small and a medium/ large in purple. Awesome easy to put on, easy to adjust, the straps stay away from arm pits. Love them.
<br>I volunteer at Two Humane Socities and an Animal Control as the dogs so deserve a second chance. ADOPT!