Blue-9 Pet Products took flight in 2013 when conversations with the professional K9 training community revealed the need for a platform designed specifically for training use. We developed several prototypes over a six month period, gathering additional input and testing to ensure that The KLIMB would meet every trainer’s needs. After gathering input from respected trainers working with dogs trained for agility, military and police use, and “working” applications as well as vets and animal behaviorists, The KLIMB was born.

Because Every Dog Deserves A Place

Dogs live in our world. We define their homes, trying to imagine ways that we can make them safe, comfortable and stimulated by their environment. One of the most difficult objectives facing trainers is creating an atmosphere where the dog feels focused and comfortable. The KLIMB provides a home base that dogs quickly come to understand is just for them. It requires focus to occupy it comfortably and places them a bit higher, allowing them to feel secure in a space where they know they belong.