KLIMB Dog Training Video

KLIMB Dog Training Video

SKU: KLIMB Dog Training Video

KLIMB Dog Training Video

SKU: KLIMB Dog Training Video
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KLIMB Dog Training – A Place for Your Dog

Are you new to platform training? Looking for ways to curb your dog's nuisance behaviors, such as jumping on guests, begging at the dinner table, and excessive barking? Look no further! We have the perfect resource for you.

Join certified professional dog trainer Jamie Popper as she guides you step by step on how to train your dog to go to the KLIMB and stay there, regardless of the level of distractions. Your dog will quickly learn that the KLIMB is where good things happen. By incorporating the KLIMB into your daily routine, you can help your dog focus on you and ignore distractions.

Topics Covered:

 Reward-based training techniques

Introducing your dog to the KLIMB

Teaching your dog to go to the KLIMB on command

Increasing distance, duration, and distractions during KLIMB training

Applying KLIMB training in real-world situations

Learn effective strategies to enhance your dog's behavior and create a harmonious living environment. Discover the power of positive reinforcement and the incredible impact the KLIMB can have on your dog's attentiveness and obedience.

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