PROPEL - Fit Pup Bundle
PROPEL - Fit Pup Bundle

PROPEL - Fit Pup Bundle


PROPEL - Fit Pup Bundle

Propel Air Platform (Color)
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PROPEL Fit Pup Bundle: Unleash the Power of Fitness with the Propel Fit Pup Bundle!

Introducing the Propel Fit Pup Bundle, the ultimate fitness toolkit for your furry friend. Designed for pet owners who value health and vitality, this bundle combines innovative equipment and educational resources to take your dog's fitness and training to new heights.

What's Included in the Bundle?

  1. PROPEL Canine Fitness Platform: Discover the cornerstone of canine fitness with our PROPEL Fitness Platform. This dynamic platform is specifically designed to enhance your dog's strength, balance, and overall physical conditioning.
  2. Propel Air Pump: Ensure your PROPEL Fitness Platform is always at the right inflation level depending on your dog’s fitness goals.
  3. Propel Straps: Use to connect multiple Propel platforms to each other, or to a KLIMB Dog Training Platform.
  4. Foundation Fitness Video: Jumpstart your dog's fitness journey with our comprehensive Foundation Fitness Video. This instructional guide, created by canine fitness experts, provides step-by-step instructions to safely and effectively use the Propel Fitness equipment.
  5. INSPIRE Dog Training Treat Pouch: Keep your training treats handy with our stylish and functional treat pouch. Designed for convenience, it allows for easy access to rewards during training, ensuring timely positive reinforcement.
  6. INSPIRE Dog Training Treats: Reward your pup with our premium, health-conscious treats. These treats are formulated to be motivation with out the mess, making them the perfect incentive for learning and good behavior.


Why Choose the Propel Fit Pup Bundle?

  • Enhanced Fitness: Tailored exercises and equipment to improve your dog’s physical health.
  • Engaging Training: Foster a stronger bond and better behavior through positive reinforcement.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from expertly crafted training resources and instructional videos.
  • Quality and Convenience: High-quality, durable products designed for ease of use and effectiveness.

Elevate your dog's fitness and training experience with the Propel Fit Pup Bundle – the perfect choice for a healthier, happier, and well-trained canine companion!


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