Easy Dog Training Tips: How to Train Your Dog with a Busy Schedule

Jan 11, 2024

4 Ways to Squeeze in Extra Training Time with Your Pup

January is National Train Your Dog Month, and while the task of training is often viewed as a chore, we're excited to share a few tips on how you can seamlessly integrate training time into your busy schedule.

  1. Keep Treats Handy
    • Store treats in sealed containers at convenient locations. This keeps you ready for spontaneous training moments!
  2. Set a Goal
    • Research shows that setting a goal boosts motivation and accountability. Write your training goals on a note card or sticky note and place it somewhere visible—like on your dog’s food bin or the refrigerator. Goals can be simple, like a list of 2-3 behaviors you want to reinforce over the month. These reminders can prompt you to engage in brief, but productive training sessions.
    • For enhanced goal-setting, consider learning how to establish SMART goals.
  3. Sneak in Training from the Couch
    • As a self-proclaimed lazy dog trainer, I've found ways to incorporate training into my relaxation time. Whether it's during a commercial break or while lounging on the couch, there are numerous ways to engage your dog:
      • Practice impulse control with food
      • Play the nose touch game
      • Do cookie stretches to enhance your dog's flexibility
      • Teach simple tricks like shake a paw, spin, or roll over
    • Remember, short and frequent training sessions are often more effective than longer ones.
  4. Utilize Life Rewards
    • Life rewards are everyday activities that your dog naturally enjoys. Incorporating a trained behavior before allowing access to these rewards is a fantastic way to reinforce polite manners in your daily routine.
    • Examples of Life Rewards include:
      • Access to the backyard
      • Going for a walk
      • Receiving their daily meal
      • Enjoying cuddles on the couch
      • Being released from their crate
    • Start with something simple, like asking your dog to sit before letting them out into the backyard. The reward for sitting is the joy of romping and playing outside.

We hope these training tips spark some inspiration! If you found these ideas helpful, please share them with a friend. And for an ongoing stream of training insights and inspiration, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel here!