Why the Balance Harness is an Award-Winning No-Pull Harness

Jun 7, 2023

The Balance Harness has been tested, reviewed, and involved in research on a consistent basis. The consensus is clear: the Balance Harness is the most-frequently awarded No-Pull Harness.

Research Studies

  • Harnesses For Agility Dogs: A study found that restrictive harnesses, which cross over the bones of the front legs and limit shoulder extension and forelimb excursion, could potentially predispose dogs to shoulder tendinopathies. The study showed that harnesses with a large surface area in contact with the dog's body had a significant impact on gait. In contrast, the Balance Harness, which is adjustable and covers the least amount of the dog's body surface area, had the least effect on gait characteristics. Read full paper here.

  • Gait Restrictions Without Leash Attached: An article from 2013 found that even when not attached to a leash, restrictive harnesses impeded gait movement in dogs. Dogs wearing no-pull, front-clip harnesses bore less weight on their front legs than they normally would, and they bore less weight on the leg that was on the far side of where the person walked, even without a leash attached. Read full article here.

  • Effects Of Restrictive And Nonrestrictive Harnesses On Shoulder Extension In Dogs At Walk And Trot: A recent study explored the effects of harnesses on shoulder extension in dogs. Read full article here.

  • To Harness Or Not To Harness, That Is The Question: Dr. Chris Zink shares thoughts on the above study, emphasizing the importance of a non-restrictive harness that is fitted properly to avoid pressure on the shoulder blade. Read Dr. Chris Zink's thoughts here.

  • Gait Analysis: Knowing What's Right So You Can Recognize What's Wrong: This article provides background knowledge on various methods of measuring gait. Read the article here.

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