Three Reasons I use a Tab Leash in my Dog Training

Jul 6, 2023

As a dog owner who loves off-leash adventures, nothing makes me happier than watching my dogs run full speed exploring and sniffing along the trail. However, there are times when having a quick and reliable way to control my dogs becomes essential. That's where the tab leash comes in. Today, I'll share three situations that I use a tab leash to provide control, safety, and peace of mind during our outdoor excursions.


There's nothing quite like hiking in nature with our four-legged friends. But encountering other hikers, dogs, or wildlife can sometimes require immediate control. The tab leash offers a convenient solution, allowing me to recall my dogs and hold onto their tab leashes until the distractions pass. It's much easier than grabbing their collars and provides a quick way to maintain control without digging through my pack to find their leashes.

Redirecting Arousal

For dogs prone to herding or engaging in rough play that escalates into nipping, having a tab leash attached to their collar offers an alternative focus. In the case of my dog Roo, he loves to engage in tag-like play. He’ll chase after his dog friends and then nip at their neck. By keeping a tab leash clipped to his collar, he always has something to bite and carry, preventing him from nipping at his friends when over aroused.

Reinforcing Obedience Skills

Consistency and follow-through are crucial when training dogs. Once my dogs have mastered their basic obedience skills and demonstrated proficiency in various environments, I gradually transition to off-leash work. Having the tab leash on my dog allows me to be able to quickly control my dog if they make a mistake. For example, if my dog breaks out of a stay position, I can gently guide them back to the place they were and reset for another repetition.
The tab leash is a versatile tool that enhances control, safety, and reliability during off-leash adventures. Whether it's for hiking encounters, redirecting arousal, or reinforcing obedience skills, the tab leash provides a quick and effective way to manage your dog without compromising their freedom. Next time you hit the trails or engage in off-leash activities, consider adding a tab leash to your gear collection. It’s one small tool that can make a big difference in your pup's freedom and your peace of mind.