Canine Conditioning for Your Active Dog

Nov 16, 2020

Pets recognize all the same health benefits of physical activity that humans do.

  1. Increased performance
  2. decreased risk of injury
  3. lowered stress levels
  4. better sleep habits
  5. and a healthier body and mind

More than 50% of dogs in the US are overweight. 20% of those dogs are considered clinically obese. As professionals in the industry, we are aware of the many complaints average dog owners experience with their dogs. From separation anxiety, reactivity and aggression, boredom chewing, nuisance barking, or more pressing behavior concerns, pet parents have some serious struggles to overcome to have the ‘dog of their dreams.’ Blue-9 not only creates products to help dog owners but also offers many free educational resources to get pet parents started on the right path. Simple fitness exercises stimulate the dog’s brain and body, helping eliminate problem behaviors and curb boredom and anxiety. With the right equipment, fitness is made simple and easy.

Blue-9’s core products The KLIMB and the #1 Rated Balance Harness are loved by canine fitness professionals and sports medicine veterinarians alike. The KLIMB training platform can be used for teaching foundation conditioning exercises or a full-body workout for your pup. In fitness: form matters. Harnesses that restrict movement can lead to compensation and injuries over time. We designed the Balance Harness with 6 adjustment points and a unique design that allows full freedom of movement in the forelimb while providing the pet parent more control of their dog.

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