Cool Treats to Keep Your Dog Happy in the Summer Heat

Jun 2, 2023

Cool Pups, and Cool Treats to beat the summer heat! 

Summertime brings back memories of colorful popsicles with sticky sugary mess dripping down my face and arms. We'd play in the creek, catching tadpoles and searching for flecks of gold in the Northern California waters. We'd roll around in the grass in the evenings as it cooled, gazing at the Big Dipper in the night sky.

As the temperatures rise, I'm feeling nostalgic and want to share some of these favorite summertime activities with my pup. First up, popsicles, or should we say pup-sicles!

Grab a few freezer-safe containers, a handful of rubber toys (our favorites are made by KONG), and an assortment of your pup's favorite goodies. To create a multilayered frozen treat, we'll freeze the cubes in stages.

For the base, I mixed low-sodium chicken broth with wet dog food. Fill each container about one-third full, then pop them in the freezer. Once frozen, rest a rubber toy or long-lasting chew inside the container and fill it the rest of the way. Get creative with the next layer. Consider these options:

  • Low-sodium chicken broth
  • Wet dog food
  • Dog-safe fruits and veggies
  • Goat's milk
  • Plain Greek yogurt

Place the filled containers back into the freezer and save them for a sweltering summer day. When you're ready to serve, run warm water along the outside of the container to make removal a bit easier.

We hope you and your pups have a fun-filled summer! Don't forget to check out our adventure essentials below to gear up for a summer full of memories.