Increase Focus, Muscle Memory, and Impulse Control

Unlock Your Dog's Potential with KLIMB Training: Increase Focus, Muscle Memory, and Impulse Control!

When we talk about platform training for dogs, we often discuss specific behaviors we can teach or problem behaviors we can solve using the platform. For example, we teach our dogs to wait on the KLIMB to prevent them from jumping on guests or begging at the dinner table. But there is so much more to platform training!

Using the KLIMB Dog Training Platform can help you achieve:

Increased Focus

Quiet Feet = a Focused Mind.

When we have our dog on an elevated platform, we limit the space they can move around in. This also means we limit their access to distractions, competing motivators, and other reinforcers within the environment.  By using the KLIMB, we can limit their access to distractions and gain their undivided attention. This helps us train them more effectively and teach them new concepts.

Increased Muscle Memory

There are skills we build that eventually become muscle memory. Think of actions such as holding a pencil and handwriting, or ballet dancing and the muscle movements required for a pirouette. Some canine fitness exercises require precise movement patterns, such as the foundation behaviors of tuck sit, kickback stand, and foldback down. By working on an elevated surface like the KLIMB, we can help make these behaviors more likely to happen and increase our dogs' awareness of their bodies in space and time (proprioception). This can improve muscle memory and reduce the number of repetitions needed to achieve the goal behavior without props.

Improved Impulse Control

Platform training can help improve their impulse control. Often I’ll ask my pups to wait on their KLIMBS while I work with another dog, or prepare their meals. They must focus on staying on their place, no matter how tempting the distraction is. When the concept of waiting your turn is implemented with platform training, dogs are better able to control their impulses, even outside of training sessions.

These are just a few additional ways that platform training with the KLIMB can increase the success you see when training your dog. By incorporating this tool into your training routine, you can help your dog build focus, muscle memory, and impulse control, leading to better behavior and a happier, healthier pup.